Best Free Alternative to Skedda

Affordable. Localized. Set up and running in a few minutes. Book meeting rooms, desks and parking places with $0 initial investment.

  • FREE up to 3 spaces
  • Unlimited Bookings

Start with $ 0 Cost, Then Pay Less!

Unlike Skedda, you can start entirely for free, and when you need to upgrade to a paid plan, you can enjoy the full features of the venue booking system at a third of the cost compared to Skedda.



$ 0

  • 3 Spaces Included
  • 3 Spaces Limit
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • 1 Administrator
  • Guest Bookings
  • Interactive Floorplans
  • Available in 10 languages



$ 99 / month

  • 15 Spaces Included
  • 25 Spaces Limit
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • 3 Administrators
  • Guest Bookings (paid addon)
  • 1 Interactive Floorplan
  • Available in English



$ 40 / month

  • 15 Spaces Included
  • 50 Spaces Limit
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Guest Bookings
  • Unlimited Interactive Floorplans
  • Available in 10 languages
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Whatspot dashboard showcasing a daily agenda, resource booking approval system, and real-time space usage tracking.

Total control, real-time insight

Manage who can access the resources, approve or reject bookings. Keep track of the space usage in real-time, so you always know which resources are being used when and by whom.

  • Access control to fixed desks and shared resources
  • Notifications
  • Confirmation process
Interactive floorplan for booking lecture rooms, labs, and workstations at universities.

Desks and space bookings made visual

Manage bookings easily with Interactive floorplans. Quickly see which desks and rooms are available. See in realtime who is in the space and where your colleagues sit. Create a working environment where teams and individuals can work effectively.

  • Real-time availability updates
  • Avoid double bookings
  • Eliminate Booking Conflicts

Effortless entry for everyone

Visitors and external partners can now reserve spaces effortlessly – no membership required - while members have secure entry for registered users only.

  • Direct access from your website and other channels
  • Access control to shared resources
  • Registered member access
  • Confirmation process

Instant bookings, On-the-Spot

By simply scanning the QR code, you can immediately find out when a meeting room or company car is available and then book it with two clicks.

Booking confirmation system

Keep bookings under control and maintain order within your company. With an effective approval system, it's simple and straightforward!

Access control to the spaces

Manage who can access the resources, approve or reject bookings. Keep track of the space usage in real-time, so you always know which resources are being used when and by whom.

Detailed usage reports

Elevate your invoicing accuracy with our detailed usage reports. Whether it's billing for hot desks or meeting rooms, our software provides precise data, ensuring every hour is accounted for.

Everything in one place

The calendar shows you clearly what bookings have been made. You will have an overview of your bookings, but also of those created by colleagues.

From anywhere in the cloud

Always at hand. On a mobile phone or from a tablet or computer. You can make a booking from anywhere.

Why companies switched from Skedda to Whatspot

5 stars

We're happy to have moved to Whatspot, it makes it easier for our coworkers to book desks and meeting rooms and see availability. It works like a charm. It's really easy to use. Communication and support of the Whatspot team is great. The option to get QR-codes for the spots is also a really nice feature.

Michiel K.
5 stars

The product is a pleasure to use - no frills, fuss or complications. We were able to download and set up our room booking in minutes. Whatspot's free version is ideal for managing a single room in the department that is used by different groups. We looked at many free room management products and none gave us the what Whatspot has. I highly recommend the product.

Bronwyn M.
4 stars

It made booking meeting rooms a lot easier for us.It was possible to implement the solution and get it up and running in just 2 days (we have almost 100 users)! Easy to configure (create users, create rooms, define access).Simple and intuitive for the user to check room occupancy and create reservations for rooms at unoccupied times.

Julio M.
5 stars

The software has made it possible for us to begin renting out space after hours and helped keep us from going crazy during the day. With 240 students and 50 staff members, parent meetings and student activities, this tool isn't just helpful, its absolutely essential. We are happy to work with the Whatspot team, they are open to our feedback and doing a terrific job.

Kurt M.
Poznaň university
5 stars

A really effective tool that helps companies increase the efficient use of their shared resources. Very easy to use tool with some excellent features, like allowing non-registered users to have access, plus many different language versions. There are regular improvements too, often based on customer feedback.

Mark H.

Tame the chaos of corporate bookings

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