9 April 2021

⭐ Making the booking calendar available to an external person is now even easier. Just click on the share icon in the app header and you can set whatever you need to.

βš™οΈ On the Spots page, you can now find an icon indicating a public category. This gives you a quick overview of which categories are available to external persons.

24 March 2021

⭐ We have now launched so-called onboarding, which will help you to quickly understand how the application works after registering your organization's account. If you are an existing user then you can select β€œRepeat the tour” in the user menu.

βš™οΈ We are launching the knowledge database.

πŸ› Some other minor bugs have been fixed.

10 March 2021

The administrator can edit the first and last names of his or her colleagues.

πŸ› More logical coloring for the selected day during the booking process.

πŸ› Some other minor bugs have been fixed

24 February 2021

βš™οΈ We are constantly working to improve the mobile version. Add the icon to your mobile desktop and then launch the Whatspot app.

11 February 2021

βš™οΈ In the spot settings, you can add a new note such as β€œ8 seats, projector and flipchart”. This note is then visible during the booking process.

⭐ An external user can already reserve your company resources. Just make the desired category public and place a link online.

3 February 2021

βš™οΈ It is possible to turn off email notifications. To do this go to the user menu and under the item "Edit profile", you can turn off "Receive email notifications". Then you will stop receiving email notifications and they will only appear below the bell icon in the upper right hand corner of the app.

πŸ› When rejecting a reservation, a note is automatically sent in the notification email.

πŸ›You can now access the "Spots" page without any undue delay. It now loads significantly faster.

27 January 2021

βš™οΈ The category owner can now add a note showing the reason for rejecting or deleting a previously created reservation. The user will receive this information in the form of an email notification.

πŸ› Adjust the insertion of text into a note when creating a reservation.

πŸ› When creating a reservation, everyone can already see the correctly indented category names.

πŸ› Some other minor bugs have been fixed.

20 January 2021

πŸ› The administrator of the organization will no longer have a problem with the long name of his or her colleague on the people page.

15 January 2021

πŸ› The calendar on mobile devices can now be easily scrolled horizontally.

βš™οΈ In the top right hand corner is a link to "What's new", which leads you to this page showing application news.

βš™οΈ When accessing the application for the first time, the user is asked for a little patience, until he or she is granted permission to start reserving spots.

20 December 2020

πŸ› The correct date format in the notification center. Some other minor bugs have been fixed.

14 December 2020

βš™οΈ A new event created by a user is entered into everyone else’s calendar in real time.

16 November 2020

πŸ› The correct coloring is displayed when clicking on the form field.

βš™οΈ Only reservations that need my response are visible in the notification center

26 October 2020

⭐ A new, more user-friendly way of booking. 4 quick steps will lead you to a new event. It works the same on desktops and mobile devices.

User friendly reservation system 1 User friendly reservation system 2 User friendly reservation system 3 User friendly reservation system 4

30 September 2020

⭐ Book faster with a QR code. Place it on the door of the meeting room or in the company car. On the specific "Spot" page, the organization administrator can download and print the QR code for a specific spot.