Who are we?

A great bunch. Disabled employees are involved in development and testing. A number of them have managed to grow into real movers and shakers in their positions, even though they may have changed their fields of expertise. We are proud of that, giving opportunities to work in creative roles.

Our goal

We save employees time when searching for available shared company resources


Because we enjoy being efficient. We have been using this booking system in our company for many years, and because we are very satisfied with it, we want to offer it to other businesses.


Whatspot has been created by a close-knit team that works very flexibly and swiftly. We test all new developments first in our company environment, then we write about them on the website.

Where are we from?

Whatspot originated as a spin-off of the social enterprise Ergotep. We are based in the beautiful town of Proseč, located in the Chrudim district of the Pardubice region in the Czech Republic.



Zábořská 93, Záboří

Proseč 539 44

Czech Republic