We are more than halfway through 2022, so it is time to take stock. Thanks to all our Premium users, for whom we keep adding better and better features. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular ones during this year.


One of the newest features in Whatspot is growing in popularity. We want to continually help you to make more efficient use of your meeting rooms, vehicle fleet or parking spaces, and for this Checkout delivers.

Example: You have created a booking for a meeting room for three hours, but your meeting ends after only two hours. Previously, the meeting room would have sat unused during the third hour. Now you can click Checkout, thus releasing it for others to book and use that hour.

Reservations during business hours only

Another useful feature that Whatspot has is limiting bookings to during working hours only. This allows you to set your working hours, outside of which it is not possible to create a booking.

You can turn this feature on/off in your organization settings.

Noteworthy mentions

During 2022, we have put a lot of effort into improving the Whatspot app. In addition to these two features, users appreciate its multilingualism, as we have added Portuguese as the ninth language. The image and information for the spot can be found during the booking process. More efficient are the bookings themselves, which can be created within the spot details.

In some countries the working week starts on Sunday, so we have also implemented this option into Whatspot, which can now be set. Amongst other adjustments, we have also speeded up our servers, making the app more nimble. This is just a fraction of what this year has brought. More new features are on the way and we are working on them.

Give Whatspot a try for yourself. Use an efficient booking tool within your business.