In Whatspot, we have a feature that allows for bookings to be made by external colleagues who do not need to be registered with their own name and password in the system. Come and see how it all works.

Setting up

Before an unregistered user can book a Spot, we need to set a few things up. It is easy, of course, and anyone can do it. Firstly, we need to think about which category to set as public. This is done on the Spots page, where you can select edit from the menu of the selected category.

If you only want the external colleague to be able to book meeting rooms but not vehicles, then only select the category in which meeting room Spots are set as public.

After setting the category to public, you need to copy the public link. This is the unique address that you will then send to the unregistered user. The purpose of this is to prevent external people from getting into your organization. We pride ourselves on security.

Booking by an external person

The link you send to the unregistered colleague takes them to a website, where they can see all the categories you have set as public. In our example, this is meeting rooms. The procedure they follow is then the same as for a regular booking. The user selects a Spot, sets the time and date of the booking and inserts their email address. Optionally, he/she can also add a phone number.

After confirming the booking, the request will be recorded in the system and the person will receive an email notification once the booking is approved.

You must laboriously contact colleagues when there is a change to a meeting

In the event of sudden changes, you need to contact all meeting attendees. Again, this wastes productive time in which you could be doing real work.

An online booking system is an ingenious solution. If your meeting start time is delayed by, say, an hour, everyone can automatically receive an email notification.

Whatspot users like this feature. Try it out for yourself.