Simplify company reservations

A simple online booking system for businesses. Book a meeting room, a company car or a parking space.

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Quick booking by QR code

Simply scan the code shown at the spot using your mobile phone to find out immediately if the meeting room or company car is available.
If it is then you can book it with just two clicks.

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Rapid searching for company resources

Whatspot will quickly and easily help you to find a suitable date for a booking so that it does not clash with others.

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All reservations in one place

Have a perfect overview of all your own and your company's reservations in the form of a calendar or daily agenda.
It is always at hand on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  • Calendar and agenda with filtering option
  • Add new reservations
  • Notification of the status of your reservations

Keep reservations under control

Oversee not only who makes reservations within the company, but also what, where and when. Plan capacities, streamline the use of space and car fleets and make reservations in your company using the system.

  • Management of company spots
  • Approval of reservations
  • Notification of new reservations

Who can whatspot help?

Generální ředitel Jiří Černý

Whatspot makes it easier for us to check the availability of meeting rooms and company cars. We even found out that we have more company cars than we actually need. We also found that it can be used easily, for example, to reserve parking spaces for visits by clients.

Ing. Jiří Černý,

CEO of the Ergotep Disability Cooperative

Tame the chaos of corporate reservations

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