Meetings are an important part of the working day. If you want to ensure their smooth running, then you should definitely try using an online booking system. In this article, you will find a few tips that could really help you.

You use cluttered paper-based calendars

Aside from the fact that paper-based notes are easily lost or misplaced, a big disadvantage is the overall lack of clarity.

With a paper-based schedule, it is really hard to find out, for example, who had a rental car two weeks ago. At the same time, this method can only take a limited number of changes, with entries being crossed out and rewritten. This is not the case with an online application.

You spend a lot of time running around the company

Most companies deal with booking meeting rooms using paper calendars. We talked about their inefficiency in the first point above.

However, another undeniable downside is that similar makeshift solutions tend to be found in meeting rooms. If you want to book a meeting room at your office, you must walk to the meeting room, record the booking and then walk back. You can see where we are going with this! Why spend time running around the office when you can simply make a booking online using your mobile phone or computer?

You must laboriously contact colleagues when there is a change to a meeting

In the event of sudden changes, you need to contact all meeting attendees. Again, this wastes productive time in which you could be doing real work.

An online booking system is an ingenious solution. If your meeting start time is delayed by, say, an hour, everyone can automatically receive an email notification.

You are disrupting each other's meetings

There is nothing worse than running into a meeting room with five colleagues where another group is already in a meeting. Forced smiles and apologies cannot hide the fact that you are still looking for a place for your meeting whilst the other group has been unnecessarily disturbed. .

If you have an online app, you can avoid these problems too. In the booking system, colleagues can see when a room is occupied and can schedule their meeting accordingly for an available time and date. Mutual disturbances can therefore be completely eliminated.

Meeting rooms standing empty

It is difficult to record shorter periods of time in a paper-based booking system. It can happen that a room is booked for one hour but in actual fact the meeting takes only 30 minutes. Thus the meeting room is unnecessarily empty for the next 30 minutes. Therefore, many online booking systems now offer 30-minute slots.

You have parking problems

This is something that few companies deal with effectively. However, nothing can ruin a day more than hunting for a free parking space.

An online booking system is a handy tool. With just a few clicks, you can book a parking space in advance, therefore avoiding stress when you arrive at your company.