In this article, we will cover four ways for using Whatspot more effectively. Today, we will not be discussing basic things such as how to create a spot or how to categorize spots, but rather we will look specifically at features that make the app easier to use.

Recurring Events

Do you have a regular team meeting every Tuesday at 10am? Great. All you have to do in Whatspot is to create the event and set it to recur. It depends on what you need. You can set your own rules for recurring events.


Did your meeting end an hour earlier than expected? Use the Checkout button to release it for someone else to use this time. The system will automatically check you out and other users will see the room as available. You definitely need to use this feature!

QR stickers

Another feature that will definitely speed up booking a meeting room, parking space or vehicle. Simply point your mobile phone at a QR sticker and book within seconds. You can stick QR stickers onto a meeting room door or car dashboard.

Book Now in the spot details

For maximum booking efficiency, we have added a Book Now button directly into the spot details. In addition to this, you can also see the next available date.

Try Whatspot for yourself. Use an efficient booking tool within your business.