I am sure you know that in 2022, appointments are not just made using paper-based bulletin boards. Maybe you long for an online booking system, but you are still hesitant. In this article, we will show you three things that an online booking system can provide.

Greater efficiency

Booking an appointment online is totally efficient. Imagine being able to confirm tomorrow's meeting outside of work, such as on the train or in the queue at the cinema. Apps like Whatspot have changed working habits. With the right calendar, you know what is coming up the next day.

If you change an appointment, you just need to adjust the time or place in the system with two clicks, for example, and Whatspot sends a notification to everyone affected by the booking change. You no longer have to laboriously search for colleagues around the company, this online system does it for you in no time at all.

Saving time and money

Any company can afford to invest in the premium version of Whatspot. In return, you get a system that will help save your employees a lot of time, taking care of company bookings and making them completely transparent. This will ultimately save you money too, for example, by helping you to find out that your company car fleet is unnecessarily large.

If you are still hesitant, then check out the 30-minute demo in which a product manager will explain how Whatspot works.

A clear system

You do not need to search for a free meeting room anymore. Whatspot will quickly and easily help you find suitable availability, thus avoiding clashes with other bookings. All bookings are in one place, giving you a perfect overview of all your and your company's bookings in the form of a calendar or agenda. And it is always at your fingertips on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Try Whatspot for your business too. For free.