There are a plethora of online booking systems on the market. Today, we will introduce you to the three most important features that you need to have in your booking app. If you have these then you will find it comfortable and, most importantly, more efficient to work with.

QR stickers

Booking with QR stickers helps you to avoid wasting time running around your company. If you forget to book a meeting room, you can do so right there if there is a QR sticker on the meeting room door.

In Whatspot, you select the category you need and the spot you want to generate. A PDF file is automatically downloaded, just open it and print it onto sticky paper. You can attach the generated QR sticker to the door of a meeting room or onto the dashboard of a company car.

Tip: How QR stickers work

Approval process

The Admin and category owner can approve or reject user bookings if the approval process is enabled. This will be appreciated by anyone who wants to keep their company bookings organized and in the loop.

With the approval process, you can plan capacity, streamline space and fleet usage. You will thus avoid chaos and have a system for your bookings.

Notification center

Properly set up notifications can make booking even more efficient. In Whatspot, notifications let your colleagues know that a meeting has been delayed by an hour, for example, in the form of an email and directly within the app.

Email notifications can be turned off in the settings. Most often they function as notifications when a booking is approved or rejected, but you will also receive them when you are appointed as an admin of the organization, for example.

However, if you want more than just these features in your online booking system, then try Whatspot for free!